Xenon Laser Dies


Die drawings are made CAD system, Corel draw, AutoCAD, with accurate dimensions by well experienced hands. Customers can provide us Corel draw version of the drawing files, cartons dimensions, styles, layouts, printed sheets and details regarding the job etc.

The job will be taken for the further process as per the details provided by the customers, for making the die.

Customers can provide us the additional instructions of the job regarding Wood Size, Thickness of Wood, Blades to be used for the Particular jobs, and details of the Duplex Board GSM\Sticker Full Punch\Half Punch, which will be useful to make dies according to the particular Duplex Board Sheet \Sticker Sheet Thickness.

Wide variety of Cutting Blades ranging from 23.8mm to 50mm Height, are used for making the dies, Creasing Blades with different heights to match the particular job requirements. Different Perforation Blades are also used in the Dies and Hole Punches ranging from 1mm to 10mm Imported Tube Hole Punches.

1mm to 10mm Imported Spring Loaded punches for different kind of jobs, depending on Customers requirements to math there costs.


We are looking for smart individuals who want to have a positive impact on the world. If that’s you, send us a CV at: xenonlaserdies@gmail.com